Cancellation Policy

A tenant may cancel their vacation rental booking and pay a $500 cancellation fee to the Broker by providing the broker with a written notice via certified mail at least 90 days prior to check-in date. If a tenant cancels this agreement less than 90 days prior to the check-in date, tenant shall be obligated to pay all rent payments specified on the agreement and all monies received by broker or owner may be retained. Owner or broker shall not be responsible for any costs tenant may incur for travel or other arrangements in the event of cancellation by owner or tenant.

Check In/Out Policy

Miscellaneous Charges

Tenant shall be assessed locksmith and association charges, if any, for each key, pass, pool tag, opener, etc. which is lost or not returned to broker or owner upon check-out date. A charge of $25.00 per lost key and up to $75.00 per garage door opener will be assessed. Such charges will be deducted from the security deposit. Tenant agrees to pay Broker the greater of $50.00 or actual cost immediately to provide access to the unit in the event of a lock out.

Cleaning Charges

Tenant agrees upon booking to pay the cleaning charges that may be assessed upon your departure. Cleaning shall be paid upon booking. Tenant shall clean all dishes prior to check-out. Tenant is not required to launder all linens/sheets/towels prior to check-out. Tenant shall not be responsible for making up beds at check-out.  If broker or cleaner determines, in its sole discretion, that excessive dirt, furniture stains, carpet stains, or other damage is present, additional charges will be assessed and deducted from deposit and/or charged in addition to the deposit.